UCCC is a non-profit charitable organisation and the fundraising team focuses on supporting BAME communities to prevent isolation, antisocial behaviours in children and young adults, support young people’s mental health and prevent knife crime in BAME young adults. We also aim at supporting BAME children and young adults to reach their full potential and centring at the inclusion of those with disabilities.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted hugely on our community members with some members experiencing panic and anxiety attacks due to trauma whenever they think of stepping into the outside world. It is important that we give community members the right support that fits their needs and your help enables us to be there for community members who need our support in crucial times.

We have an ongoing fundraising for “UCCC Buy Hall Project” to enable us to buy a place of our own to be able to bring BAME communities together and empower them to meet and connect. The community has got over 400 members and we need a place of our own that can accommodate the increasing number of our community members. We must connect to guide our children and young adults into the right direction because it takes a whole community to raise a child.

A kind request to donate today and support UCCC projects.

Visit UCCC PayPal or UCCC gofundme page or UCCC YouTube for a donation.


Chief Coordinator

Ms. Irene Nsonga

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Nalongo Sylvia Kibuuka

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Mr. Charles Mulindwa

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Mr Richard Banada

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Mrs. Cissy Bongole

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Ms. Annah Karungi